Each of the three churches in the Darent Valley Benefice is wonderful setting for a Church of England wedding service. If you are looking for a wedding venue, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We hope the information here is helpful, but don't hesitate to contact the vicar if you have any specific questions, would like to arrange to see any of the churches, or are interested in booking a wedding in the benefice.

The Churches

All three of our churches are utterly beautiful and ancient buildings which have been part of the local community for many centuries. You can find out about the church buildings in detail by looking here, but the key information for weddings is as follows:

St Margaret's Darenth has a seating capacity of 90, a pipe organ and a bell which can be chimed.

St Mary's Horton Kirby has a seating capacity of 180, a pipe organ and a full peal of eight bells.

St John's Sutton-at-Hone has a seating capacity of 210, an electric organ and a bell which can be chimed.

All three churches are set in peaceful churchyards where biodegradable confetti is permitted.

Can I get married here?

In order to get married in a Church of England church you are required to have what is known as a "qualifying connection": a legitimate reason in law to marry there. These include connections such as if you or your partner have at any time lived in the parish for six months or more, or been baptised at the church, or your parents married there... for a full list of qualifiying connections see here. One of the qualifying connections is regular worship in that church for a period of six months or more. So even if you don't have a qualifying connection already, it is possible to gain one by coming to our Sunday services.

There are certain other legal requirements governing who may be able to be married in church. See here for more details.

How much does it cost?

The overall cost will depend on what you want included in your wedding: for example, if you wish to book an organist or the church choir there is an additional fee. However the basic fee is around £500, which includes the church, the minister, all administration and your wedding certificate. The vicar can let you know the details of other possible costs.

What do I do next?

Contact the vicar, either by telephone or email, or come along to a service on a Sunday morning (check our service timetable first to see which church we will be at). It is never too early to get in touch if you are interested in a church wedding here, and there are no stupid questions. The vicar will be able to answer questions about booking a service, legal preliminaries, costs, and what to include in the service itself. Get in touch too if you are looking for a service of blessing following a wedding in a civic venue. We would be delighted to hear from you.