About Us

We are the Church of England presence across Darenth, South Darenth, Horton Kirby, Sutton-at-Hone and Hawley.

We are a community of people on a journey of discovery. God calls us to know him and to follow him, and that is what we are about. We're not perfect people or a perfect community. But we have found grounds for hope within complicated lives, a story of redemption which we are invited to be part of, and a love that will not let us go.

We want to celebrate, explore and share this love, which we are discovering is the most fundamental truth about our lives, and which is given to us in the person of Jesus Christ. So we are disciples of Christ: people on the way, learning to be his followers and his friends.

We'd be glad for you to share the journey with us. This website covers a range of useful and important information, but the heart of our church life is Sunday morning worship, and you are most welcome to join us.