Messy Church

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Messy Church is about meeting God through creativity, celebration and time spent together.

Each session has a theme which helps us to learn more about God. This year our themes are around different people whom Jesus met: people such as John the Baptist, the twelve disciples, and the little boy with the loaves and fishes.

At Messy Church we begin by spending time on crafts and activities based around the theme, followed by a time altogether for a story and reflection. We finish by eating a meal together and then we often sing a song before we go home.

How can I come to Messy Church?

Messy Church meets at Sutton Court on the second Saturday of the month from 2pm to 4pm. (There is no meeting in August.)

Everyone is welcome, as Messy Church is designed to be all-age. Children must be accompanied by an adult who is able to stay for the session.

You are welcome to just turn up, but if you would like to let us know in advance that you'll be coming along that may help us to plan the session. Certainly let us know in advance if you have any dietary requirements as we can then arrange the meal accordingly.

Is there anything else I ought to know?

Our Messy Church is largely funded by our three parishes, but if you can afford to make a donation of £2 per child (we don't include babies in this) that helps to cover the cost of food and materials.

Sutton Court has its own car park so there is plenty of parking.

If you want to find out more you can contact the vicar or send us a message on our Messy Church Facebook page: